Patent Innovations LLC is a 21st Century Patent PracticeSM providing patent preparation and prosecution, and reexamination services for technology companies, entrepreneurs, and inventors in the Mechanical, Optical, Chemical/Materials, and Biomedical arts. Founder, John M. Hammond is a licensed patent agent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a licensed Professional Engineer in New York State, and an inventor on 25 issued patents. Patent Innovations continually develops innovative ways of using new software tools and methods to accelerate and improve the patent application process, and to provide quality patent services for clients.

Areas of Specialization

As a patent agent, as well as an inventor and engineer, I enjoy the challenge of working with other inventors, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, and the companies they build.  With the experience I’ve had in these roles, I’ve seen the patenting process from many perspectives.  This background makes me much more effective in communicating with my clients and providing innovative patent services to them.

John M. Hammond P.E.
Licensed Patent Agent
Rochester, New York



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Patent Innovations LLC
A 21st Century Patent PracticeSM